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Note: Most sequences are for LOR S3. 

Free Sequences For Download:

IMPORTANT:  If you wish to request a sequence, please contact us and we will send it through email. The following sequences below are not ours and require no payment.  To view a list of our sequences, click here.


Believe In Holiday Magic  (13 minute edit)   

Deck The Halls

Jingle Bells

Carol Of The Bells

Mad Russians

Rockin' Around The Xmas Tree

Jingle Bell Rock

Christmas Eve

Wizards In Winter

Christmas (Please Come Home) - U2

THX Robot Intro



Halloween sequences are members only.




*Larger selection of all holiday sequences available for members* 

-----Important News-----

     As the 2016 Holiday season approaches, we continue to work on several new sequences. We have recently approved many new members to join the site and have gotten some questions regarding our sequences. In order to purchase or request a sequence, you must visit our Sequences/Downloads page and fill out any required forms. When purchasing sequences, click the safe PayPal button and fill out the required information. You will receive your sequence order within 24 hours. You can find more information regarding sequence downloads and payments on the Help page.



    Today we have made a few changes regarding Member's sections and PayPal. Our Holiday season sale is now over and sequences are no longer $5.00 each and back to their original value. We have a few sequences in the works currently and plan to release them after the Holiday season and in time for the Summer sale. Multiple new Halloween songs will be sequenced including multiple tracks from the horror movie Sinister. Stay tuned!

    We hope everyone's displays are coming out great and would love any member submitted videos! Enjoy the Holidays!



    Today we have made some changes to our Paypal transactions. All transactions made by customers will complete instantly and you will receive your sequence ASAP! Also, we have made some price changes to our sequences. They will remain at this limited time low price until our summer sale in August where they will drop to an even LOWER price! Sequence bundles and deals will be available as well! For now, check out our newest sequences and stay tuned for many more this Holiday season.



    We have recently made a few changes around the site including our members' permissions and options. As christmas gets closer, we hope to have a few more sequences up. Thanks to all those donating and sharing their sequences. [Our Light Display] launches tomorrow night. Good luck to everyone and their displays and happy Thanksgiving.



    Today we have released a new sequence and made some minor changes around the website. The sequence we released today is called: Who Let The Dogs Out (16 channel). The sequence is fully complete, however, you may edit it to fit your display. You can find the sequence under the "other" category on the Download Sequences page or at the bottom of the extra members' sequences page. Stay posted, more sequences are being worked on.



   We recently released a new tutorial on how to convert/edit a 32 channel (or more) sequence into a 16 channel sequence. More tutorials being released soon.



   We have recently released 5 new sequences! 4 of those being for Halloween to get you ready.  To download them for free go to the downloads page. Remember to request for the mp3 files. We have made a thread for your YouTube channels to be shared. Also, we are working on a few new sequences for Halloween along with new tutorial videos. If you have a tutorial video of your own and would like to share it, send it to us and we will post it.



   We have just finished one of our new sequences. This is the 32 channel, 4 minute sequence to the Halo Theme Song from the popular Halo video game. The sequence turned out much better then we expected. Let us know if you would like to download it. Hurry up though, after a week from today it will contain a fee of $5.00 to download.




  We have now created a place for tutorial videos. To see the FAQ video tutorials click here. Have questions and want them to be explained visually? Let us know and we'll post a quick lesson video. 


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